My sworn enemy. Crash and burn.
by anti-LLD July 16, 2004
Top Definition
A general term for anyone found cruising in the passing (left) lane, holding up the normal flow of traffic.
"I would have been on time, but I got stuck behind Left Lane Dick on the way here"
by 95onI95 June 05, 2004
Mini-Van Moms (and sometimes dads) that have no concept of their surroundings. You can drive on their bumper for an hour flickering your high beams and trying to get them to move will have no effect...they are in their own world...
That chick in the grey Caravan is a real Left Lane Dick!
by IhateLeftLaneDrivers June 07, 2004
Anybody with a Pennsylvania license plate. They're always the ones going 55mph in the left lane, with the right lanes completely damn clear.
"I nearly rear ended this asshole who was going 55mph in the left lane!"

"Gotta hate them left lane dicks..."
by Sir E. Braum February 18, 2009
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