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1. An underrated song by the Gorillaz from the album G-Sides.

2. A method of learning to play a song on any instrument by smoking a hell of alot of herb, listening to the song, and attempting to play along.
Ex. 1. Dude I listened to Left Hand Suzuki Method by the Gorillaz last night and took a hit right during the bong hit in the intro, it was pretty fucking exciting.
Ex. 2. I got so tronned last night and picked out comfortably numb on my guitar; the left hand suzuki method works.
by donroccoddr December 23, 2011
An outrageous sexual act in which a man ejaculates onto a bowl of white rice. The female in this particular scenario then consumes the bowl of rice. Note the "Left-Hand" part of the title, which implies that the man is a right-handed self-fornicator using his least dominant hand.
Wilhelm: "Well, good day, Bentley, did you consummate with your lovely wife last evening?"

Bentley: "But of course, my dear Wilhelm. I finally got the unique opportunity to demonstrate the Left-Hand Suzuki Method to her. It was an experience I shan't soon forget."
by Sergeant Explosion May 20, 2010
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