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A white mexican who has been raised in the african lion safari. He/she could have also been thrown into a ghetto party as a baby where they had to find her own boot-ehs as she never got to learn who her actual parents were. Usually wearing a large yellow sombrero and shaking her maracas a long with a long brown poncho.
Girl 1 : Did you see that lefriqua walking over there?
Boy 1 : Heck yeah she almost hit me with her sombrero.
Boy 2 : I liked her! She looks like a character.

Girl 2 : I like how she offered me a burrito ... FOR FREEE ! :O

Girl 1 : Gaby told me her name was Krystal a long time ago, and she hangs out with Shannon !
#possom #rebel #immigrant #mexico #dragon
by Mexico Loveer September 19, 2009
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