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A master of the subtle art of creeping. One who appears to be present, but is actually elsewhere. Also, someone who observes others, usually from a well-hidden spot much closer than observe-es may like.
Little Timmy is such a Leebird, he watched the girls changing in the bathroom from a locker.
by spicozi February 24, 2010
This is a term in which its origin came from the midwest region, mainly ohio. There was a family with multiple generations of Doctors and heavily educated individuals. In the mid 80 that family gave birth to its last boy. He ended up having no college education and got married to a woman who was heavily educated and so was here family. What Leebird stands for is being the underachiever of the family.
John your mom and dad are both doctors and your a weed smoking bum youre for sure the LeeBird of the family.
by Doctor Rose Murdock March 21, 2010

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