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Leeanna is an amazing person. she is usually really quiet at first until she is sure of herself. she can be mean if u get on her bad side so u might wanna stay off of it.great in bed, and gives GREAT head. known as the "experienced virgin" or the "educated virgin". not scared to be herself and has lots of guy friends. doesnt really like commitment if you don't want her to hang with her friends and she will dump you in a heart beat. not snobby, and she's just the shit. she is a bitch alot, but she tells the truth.she will alwayz make you smile no matter what, and particularly falls for brown heads.
person one: omg. who the fuck is that? she's awesome.
person two: that? that's Leeanna, duh.
by $ItsBrandeezyBitch!$ January 07, 2010
A super awesome friend anyone could have! She's there for you when you need her and is a GREAT listener. Really shy at first but opens up right away. Just don't get on her bad side because she can be the complete opposite. If she ever walks out of your life, you just lost something special.
My BFF Lee Anna
by 90zchick June 29, 2011
Leeanna is ususally a ginger-like person with a bubbly fun personality. She hides her emotions very well, and is a good listener. Her and her friends generally have an assload of inside jokes. Life of the party, usually never quiet. Always getting picked on for being a ginger.
See that girl? She's such a Leeanna.
by freakadelicasian May 02, 2011
Very easy going and calm at first, but once you know her,she is crazy!! Good things are that she will always forgive you but trust you, probably never again. If you are her friend she will treat you like the best. But if you are on her bad side, you might wanna keep your distance. She is very fragile though, she either likes you or hates your guts.
Wow I think Leeanna hates me because just because I didn't talk to her this morning.
by fantasyArtQueen April 13, 2015
a disgruntle person whose soul purpose in life is to make those around her miserable . She hates herself and is very vindictive with her frequent bowel movements and boyish hair cut her nick name is rat face.
I saw a Leeann A working at grocery store she was upset she was asked to work instead of gossip about employees.
by Subliminal wink gottem coach April 06, 2016
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