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Leder – extremely nice boy who is good at almost everything. Some words to describe him - cute, sweet, cool, athletic, and all around perfect. He loves the Miami Dolphins. His favorite player on the team is Wes Welker. Everyone knows that he will either play for the dolphins or coach them one day. Yes,
he’s that good. He is also one of the most brilliant kids in the whole school. Not one person, teacher or student, can remember when (if) he ever got a B. Since he also likes Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat, he would make a great match with Jax f but, of course, I am the only one to make the connection.
(boy) - Man, that dude is such a leder- he gets all the girls. it ain't fair!

(girl) - oooo that leder is so hot! plus, hes a jock AND hes smart!!!!! HE IS SOOOOO PERFECT!!!!!!!!!
by go figga March 04, 2007

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