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Beautiful girl with long blond hair. Loves giving back to the community.

Enjoy spending time in the outdoors. Hobbies include feeding sheep and hunting.

She real and a real friend when you need one.

*a secret weapon when fighting for world peace
Girl: "How can we make this world a better place?"
Boy: "By being Lecia"
by Vlinderkie04 June 20, 2016
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lecia's are known for being great in bed and usually have children because of it. they like people but also enjoy their 'me time'. they go well with girls whose names start with J and W and men that start with N.

but lecias should NEVER come in contact with a pedophile, with his genes and her looks the kids they would make would be beautiful little pedophiles, and that would mean armageddon.
look over there, that pedo is trying to steal that woman's kid, wait, no, they're a couple, oh god, thats lecia..oh god no..
by del tora April 08, 2011
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