The NBA's equivalent of the Black Eyed Peas.

Once a very respected and talented player. The longtime leader of the once-lowly Cleveland Cavaliers, actually leading them to successful playoff runs, even bringing them to the finals in 2007, though they lost to the San Antonio Spurs. During this time he was on par with basketball legend Michael Jordan, even taking his number 23 as a sign of respect. However, all the success and fame went to his head and convinced him that fame and money were more important than talent and respect. When his contract with the Cavs expired at the end of the 2009-10 season, Lebron used all the damage that fame did to him and decided to sign with the already dominant Miami Heat. They made it to the finals that year, but fortunately the Dallas Mavericks beat them, giving Lebron a reality check
Anyone who says Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan does not know smart from stupid.
by Gaaraofthedamned January 02, 2012
A hugely misunderstood basketball player. This 2x champion, 2x Finals MVP, and 2x MVP is highly successful in the NBA, but largely scrutinized for his infamous "decision" to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and join the Miami Heat. Before you call me a LBJ dickrider, allow me to kick facts. He brought a terrible ass Cleveland team to the NBA Finals in 2007, but got swept by the Spurs, he was only 22. He gave the Cavs 7 years, and they couldn't be a real supporting cast; the way he left wasn't the best but you can't blame him. I just find it moronic that an accused rapist (Kobe) and gambler and cheater (Jordan) are more liked then him.
LBJ Hater: "LeBitch isnt loyal to Cleveland, he
had to leave to get rings."

NBA Fan: "The Cavs had a terrible front office, that didn't put anything around LeBron James for 7 years."

LBJ Hater: "MJ and Kobe didn't have to leave."

NBA Fan: "Kobe requested a trade from the Lakers, and guess what, they got him help. MJ was a first round exit until Scottie came."

LBJ Hater: " uuuuh..STFU, you ride LeBron's dick!"

NBA Fan: "No, I just appreciate talent when its in front of me. All you Kobe fans and MJ fans just hate because its the cool thing to do, so you STFU!"
by RealNBA April 08, 2014
The best NBA player of all-time. Everyone who thinks Jordan is the best he was only one of the best. Jordan was a nicer and everybody loved him. Nobody wants to see somebody better than him. But, times have come. Kobe, A.I, and of course LeBron. LeBron didn't win a championship by himself down in Cleveland. But, don't ever forget he came into the NBA straight out of highschool unlike Jordan. LeBron and Jordan both won their first ring at age 27. Don't say LeBron could only win without the help of Wade and Bosh because Jordan needed the help of Scottie Pippen, another legend. Don't dislike.It's my opinion I respect yours.
Michael Jordan and LeBron James are legends.
by Sneakerhead10 November 27, 2013
Lebron James luh-brœn,jeymz verb.

1. to distance yourself from anything destined to fail.

2. to end a longstanding relationship in the worst way possible
Brad Pitt is a cool guy but he Lebron Jamesed Jennifer Aniston. bad break ups
by G.O.V October 02, 2010
an incredible player that just entered the NBA last season and won rookie of the year. Overhyped before he entered the NBA but has been able to back himself up as a team player and as an individual carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Playoffs with the help of Zydonis Illgauskas of course.
Lebron James is an incredible player don't get me wrong, but what was wrong was comparing him to Jordan - that crossed the lin of hype.
by Battlegrounds baller March 02, 2005
Arguably the best player in the NBA along with Kobe Bryant, and Steve Nash. Midway through the 2005-2006 campaign averaging 31.5 points, 7 rebounds, and 6.5 assists per game. Has an uncanny talent for taking control of a game with one of his jaw dropping dunks, drives through the lane, or turn-around jumpshots. He also has a knack for making his teammates better, something Kobe doesn't do. The Cavaliers have the third best record in the East and are playoff-bound, under King James' reign. He has also recorded 8 triple-doubles and is only 21 years old. Micheal Jordan was still a junior at UNC when he was 21... keep that in mind.
Isn't it funny how opposing fans boo their own team when their player fouls LeBron James on a breakaway?
by pyralis February 17, 2006
When a woman is standing a few feet from the bed, still facing it, and blindfolded. The man then runs and jumps off the bed and slaps the woman with his genitals.
"Maddie, you have a huge bruise on your face!"
"Yeah, Vince gave me a hardcore LeBron James last night."
by vb5 March 21, 2010

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