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When watching The Big Lebowski, to drink a White Russian whenever The Dude drinks one, and to smoke a joint whenever The Dude smokes one. This is very difficult as there are around 12 White Russians and 3 joints in the movie.
Alex: Let's do the Lebowski Challenge tonight!
Ray: Naw, I don't feel like being in a coma for the next 2 days.
by Alex Blake February 09, 2007
1. watch "the big lebowski"

2. whenever the dude drinks a white russian, you drink a white russian. (total: 9 white russians)

3. whenever the dude smokes a joint, you smoke a joint. (total: 5 joints)
we completed the lebowski challenge yesterday night. what a shitshow.
by FrozenMan February 27, 2011
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