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A Leberknight is a Knight of the Leber. Leber is the German word for liver. So a Leberknight is a powerful individual, who can and will do incredible things to and with your liver. Their powers allow them to force endorphin-release, or poisoning; members of this reclusive clan have been known to stimulate orgasm or death by means of manipulating their target's liver with their mind.

despite, or perhaps because of, their great power, Leberknights are widely known to act like dicks. They occasionally enjoy poking fun at other people, but generally do so in an amusing manner. The Leberknights are powerful, intelligent, and jerks, but they live by a strict if mellifluous moral code which allows no un-provoked serious assault, and absolutely no rape ever.

Leberknights are frequently seen in the presence of, and often confused with, Drewsefer's

common misspelling: Lieberknight it's just a name

antonym: bitch
patient: But, doc, you told me I had terminal liver cancer, how could it just vanish?
Doctor: you must have had help from a Leberknight.

Girl: this guy looked at me, and then I had a funny feeling in my tummy, and then I had this absolutely mind-blowing orgasm.

Friend: oh you lucky bitch, you've bagged a Leberknight

mugger: I'm going to kill and rape you. "AAAGGGHH OH GOD MY LIVER IT HURTS SO BAD"

potential victim: Thank you so much Leberknight! you've saved my life!

teenager: That weird dude over there is kinda creepy, but he's really hilarious. That girl keeps saying she hates him, but she's blushing and giggling the whole time. oh, he's mocking her for the blushing now. Must be a Leberknight.
by SoundShaman June 18, 2010
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