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A stunt only done once, 50% of participants died a horrible death, the other man was in a coma for a year and can still not prevent himself shitting constantly

Two people take strong explosive laxative, the only time this was done, the laxative used was Florida Fire-Hose (laxative).

Two Microwaves are placed on a table, from a set distance the two particpants must fire their shit into their microwave, then run and heat it up for 1 minute. Points are awarded for accuracy, amount of shit, percentage in the microwave and speed.

The second half has never been taken as one man had died as his intestines also accompanied the shit into the microwave and the second man was in a coma lying in a shit spill of Hamburg Oil Spill proportions. Theoretically whoever looses has to eat the warmed liquidy shit of the other participant and not wash his legs anus or mouth for a week.
Dude: I reckon im about to fire out enough shit to fill a microwave

Playa: Want to bet?

Dude: Hell yeah, whats the bet

Playa: Lets make a Lebanese Microwave out of this shit

Dude: b-b-but those guys died doing that

Playa: Man up you pussy, what sort of wimpy Thai are you

Dude: I dont have the bollocks for that, or the shit firing power

Playa: If you can't handle the heat don't shit in the microwave
by Reverend Pope May 28, 2010
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