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When a person who has taken laxatives (usually in prepearation for a stunt shitting exercise such as Albanian Roulette, Albanian Baby Shower, Bulgarian Carpet Bomb, Glaswegian Zeppelin Crash, or Haggis Surprise) ends up shitting to early or in the wrong place. The said person's anus wil leak their watery liquid will spill out much like an oil spill. Due to the nature of such stunt shitting exercises the liquidity of the shit will behigh and will spill for quite a distance covering a very large area
Matt: Me and Xander were gonna Bulgarian Carpet Bomb that lamer Curtress' party but Xander goes and takes too many laxatives, he caused a Hamburg Oil Spill all over my car

John: Holy shit dude I hope you made him lick it clean

Bill: Damn Fucking Straight
by Reverend Pope May 21, 2009
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