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The term 'lebanesbian' was first coined in the late 16th century when:

Cleopatra (who had just time travelled back to Roman times to got married) returned from her visit to the past.
When Cleopatra returned she found a half dragon, half unicorn, half mermaid creature had taken over her kingdom.

Her only chance of saving her kingdom was to find the mythical Lebanese lesbian who could kill drag-uni-maids.
after a long and arduous journey across mountains, deserts, seas and 4 stops on the subway, Cleopatra finally found the Lebanese lesbian and returned with her to the kingdom

after a vicious, bloody battle that lasted almost 5 minutes the Lebanese lesbian finally vanquished the beast.
Cleopatra thanked the Lebanese lesbian for saving her kingdom by making up a new word for her...


unfortunately over the years it has devolved from a compliment and come to an insult that describes a Lebanese lesbian that nobody likes.
16th century:
Adammus- WOW... look it's the lebanesbian !!!
Stevus- OH MY GOSH... lets go worship her for saving the kingdom !!!!!

21st century:
Adam- ugh... look at Nour... she is so stupid, i don't like her !
Steve- me neither... she's a lebanesbian !!!!!!!
by ZOMBIE_FINNY July 19, 2010