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This expression comes from Hebrew. Although it sounds very crude in English, it's not supposed to be. the expression "in your mother" (be-ima shkha, in Hebrew) means "please, common!(expressed as an "unpatient" tone" (it is also used when someone tells you something great( E.x:In your mother). It's a short for "do you swear in your mother?"). So this means that "leave me in your mother" means "leave me please = Common, please, leave me".

The meaning might be more accuratly defined as an equal to as "leave me \ no way" but is basically meant as an answer to something that is not logical.
The expression is used as following:
1) when someone talks to you but you have no patienece to listen for a reason.

2) when someone tells you an idea, which you try to talk him out of it.

Someone: Hey, c'mon, let's have another game!
You: Ohh... leave me in your mother...
by Kaiba Seto & Guy Zadock August 20, 2005

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