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Leanka is a female name found in Si-Lea mythology. She is not a human nor a goddess but she is perfect in the eyes of all who loves her. She can turn into a unicorn and loves green apples. In greek mythology she was turned into gold by the king Midas, only to be saved by his daughter who loves her very much. This daughter was named Monaki. Leanka decided to study in her native country. She was interested in working in the auditing field since accounting is a tad bit boring. She is in love and enjoys keeping fit. All who know her admire her for who she is. I would like to state as writer that she should enjoy the 18th and her 3months of bliss. May there be many, many more.
1. As a name: 'I would love to go out with Leanka, she is so hot.'
2. Mythology: 'It is the 18th and in the name of Leanka in Si-Lea, we will enjoy it.'
by The_Si-Lea_Si June 29, 2010

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