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Taking a cigar of your choice, Philly, White Owl, Swisher etc. Gutting said cigar then coating one or both sides with promethazine with codeine (Prescription cough syrup) and rolling as you would a normal blunt.
Brandon: Man I'm faded as a bitch.

Concerned Friend: Whys that Brandon?

Brandon: I just took a Lean Blunt to the face.
by kidwiththegoldenarms March 27, 2013
A blunt filled to the brim with headies, and then coated in promo.
Q. Man what the fuck is up with your eyes?

A. I'm faded as shit off that Lean Blunt
by Dr.Mean thumb February 08, 2012
A blunt that is soaked in promethazine and is then filled with the kush.
That nigga is crazy. He just soaked his gutted swisher in promethazine. Nigga is gonna be fucked up tonight smoking that lean blunt.
by hellyafuckinright004 February 12, 2012
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