A fat persons dance.
We can can still lean back even though we are 400 pounds.
by Big D December 23, 2004
this term became popular because of terror squad's song "lean back". "lean back" is a type of dance you do in which you simple shrug your shoulders to the beat of the song, and progressively lean back.
oooo. i love this song featuring fat joe... let me get my dance on while i "lean back".
by purple panted homie August 11, 2004
Term used to tell someone to back down, as the person who is saying it is not fightened or will not back down (and thereby will be "playing/dancing to to your tune").
Eg. Fat Joe: "We don't dance..., nigga lean back."
by Gonzy01 April 21, 2005
An extremely simple "dance" introduced by Fat Joe & the Terror Squad in the video for the rap song "Lean back".
"If you're too fat to pull up pants then LEAN BACK, LEAN BACK, LEAN BACK, LEAN BACK."
by contractorpeon August 12, 2004
Ma Man Fat Joe doing His thang doin da lean back da hottest song and dance of da summer take dat white people yal whites need to learn to dance
Fat joe Leaning back
by Matthew January 25, 2005
to shoot someone. The actual action of pulling the trigger.
"Lean back or get leaned back"
by i need cable August 14, 2004
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