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Lechoke is a product of hype, a hype machine who hasnt done $hit but is always being mega-promoted by the media.....especially ESPN.
He also ocassionally chokes due to pressure as his name (le-CHOKE) IMPLIES.
He's an alleged 21yr old (2006)...who has the body of a sasquash -> see "BIG-FOOT"...."PERHERPS IT IS BECAUSE....I AM CANADIAN". Who in actuality might be a senior citizen -> see "WELFARE A$$ GETTING SENIOR CITIZENS" = LMFAOO @ them .....HMMNN, SORRY BOUT THAT.
Also often called Le-hype Lames,Le-crap Lames, and of course, Le-choke, as he often does..
He's name is,Lebron James of the Cleveland Crappa-Players.
Hey Chris, did u just see LeCHOKE brick the open jumper against KOBE "GOD" BRYANT and the LAKERS to lose the game ????
by larry sean lash April 21, 2006
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