LeBroom, aka LeQueen or LeBrick is one of the many nicknames given to NBA superstar, LeBron James. He is known as LeBroom because he was swept in the NBA finals by the San Antonio Spurs in 2007. LeBroom is also known for quitting on his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers during the final two postseasons of his Cavaliers career. LeBroom is no where near Kobe's level, because LeBroom has 0 rings and Kobe has 5.
Rex : Man I was watching the NBA finals and LeBroom was playing worse than Kwame Brown! Then Dirk popped a wet jumper in LeBroom's face and I jizzed all over my TV!
Ray : Hahahahaha, bro it's all about The Black Mamba! 5 rings > 0 rings anyday!
by TheSelfProclaimedKing July 01, 2011

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