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1. A LeBron James fan that rides his d!#k to the point of arousal.

2. Believes that there was no other player, EVER, to play on the NBA before he was drafted.

3. Most likely never watched the Heat play until LeBron moved there.

4. Outside of Miami, usually sitting at a bar, in their LeBron jersey.... alone.
1. Did you see the game last night, oooh LeBron went sooo hard!", "Watching the game last night gave me a massive LeBroner."

2. "LeBron is the GREATEST player, EVER, to player in the whole galaxy.... EVER!!!"

3. "Man, I've been a Heat fan since.... uhh... forever"

4. "Why's that LeBroner /le-bro-ner/ just sitting there by himself"
by hearse June 03, 2014