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A future ruler of the world. Their organization is divided into 10 groups with a supreme potentate, all of which are dependent on eachother. There are only about 30, usually heavily armed with either sexiness or actual weapons, including but not limited to- knives, guns, chemical weapons, military aircraft, experimental weapons, and powerful laserbeams. They always have clothes on, as if they were to remove their clothes, their sexiness would tear through the very fabric space-time continuum. Indestructible. their most notable trait, as seen by survivors, is a viking helmet that fires lazers on comand. One of them is extremley fond of screaming, "get some!"
reporter- And in later news, A lazerviking was spotted on the moon, carving in bold, visible letters, "get some".
by lazerviking 1 April 03, 2010
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