The Word or Name Laz has up to and including 4 main meanings
1. Refers to someone who has Pale skin

2. Someone who has poor fashion sense or style e.g (someone who wears a bandana or gives a peace hand gesture).

3. Someone who performs stupid acts and thinks everyone is laughing WITH them when they are truely laughing AT them

4. Someone who is hated by a large group of people but still acts as if they are popular or well liked.
1. that guy looks as white as Laz

2. he dresses like a giant Laz

3. he acts like a gaint Laz

4. he is the biggest Laz
by Tim Love February 22, 2007
Laz is someone who is a dude.
Someone who is a dude is Laz.
Souvlaki with garlic sauce
Laz is a souvlaki with garlic sauce
by Samantha February 19, 2005

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