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A girl who loves the words "love" and "priceless" because she admires dreams and illusions. She's friendly to anyone she greets, but has a tough personality, and can be very hard headed but she listens and understands. She is a free bird that loves to use her creativity. She is a passionate kisser, a very loyal friend, and a girl who offers a lot of love and attention to her partner due to the fact that she always tries to be on her best when she's accompanied, even though she might be going through a lot of pressure. She has a very sensual side that is usually only seen by her partner, though her sexiness is seen by everyone. She's the type of person who loves to sing even though she might not sing beautiful.. Dance in front of anyone whether she's on her own or accompanied, & listens to Spanish music no matter how much people are annoyed by it. She loves to read poems, phrases and listen to romantic songs that inspire her to write her own lines. she's curious, creative and very impressed by simple little details that impress her. She doesn't forget those moments that just lasted minutes. She's laughing, she laughs way too often. You'll always see her smiling because she's rarely in a bad mood! She believes that love is the most beautiful thing, yet knows that it's an illusion that lasts as long as we want to. She cares a lot about what people think of her, but she doesn't take to heart what ignorant people have to say.
by La Poeta January 20, 2012
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