1a. Lead singer and main lyricist for prominent 90's alternative rock and heavy metal band Alice in Chains, as well as side projects Mad Season and Class of '99. (8/22/67- 4/5/02)

b. Largely noted for powerful, throat style singing, which became a model for later singers.
2a. Born 8/22/67 in

3a. Popular example of the toll drugs take.

b. Showed frightening and rapid physical change (including, but not limited to, loss of body mass resulting in a gaunt look, shortening of vocal range).

c. After the death of hi girlfriend, Demri Parrot, his condition deteriorated, and was forced by drug-induced sickliness to seclusion from 1996 until his overdose death in 2002; rarely seen publicly from 1996 to 1998, and never seen publicly after 1998.

d. Had, reportedly, over ten unsuccessful rehab stints.
I just listened to some Alice In Chains, and man could Layne Staley sing.
by The only A I C (Get it?) May 20, 2014
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