When a chip (Lays Potato Chip or Other) is thrown at someone.
You got Layed, man! That chip hit you right in the FACE!
by Made Up Verbs April 01, 2009
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Top Definition
Another way of saying my hair looks amazing/perfect girl/Miss Thing.
Don't be jealous because my hair is layed, hunty.
by BadWolf42 April 30, 2011
A common misspelling of 'laid'
'layed' is not a real word
by pseudonym nym mmm October 12, 2015
To have amazing sex.
Bob gets layed a lot
by ThEmothafuckinman May 31, 2010
Laying down as referred to in the past-tense.
I layed down this morning.
by The Danny July 14, 2006

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