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-Laxium (Lx) is a solid element found on the periodic table and is found in hair that causes flow
-This element is so sacred it is not found in nature
-The atomic number is 113 and the atomic mass is 280.161
-When mixed with the element Bromine (Br), the mix becomes a binary compound known as Laxium Bromide
-Laxium Bromide (LxBr) causes extreme flow and super chillness
-Laxium does not have a freezing point since it is already chill---It also does not have a boiling point since it is to chill to be boiled
Steele: I've got no laxium (Lx) today
God: You just need some bromide to go with it

God: LxBr
Steele: Dude, laxium bromide? What's that?
God: LxBr is that binary compound that makes all the hair flowy and people so chill
Steele: Ohh my fault bro, by the way your laxium is working well today
O'Kieffe: Are you all stupid, i don't need to know what LxBr is, i'm still getting paid
by O'kCHEM January 07, 2009
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