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The constant barrage of pure, unadulterated lies, misinformation, disinformation and management masterbationand just made up non-sense because of lack of knowledge that is spewed from the mouths of members of management in any given company. Most often, Laxative Lingo is spewed from members of management that are completely incompetent and unqualified to be in their positions and are highly over paid. Many Laxative Lingo spewing managers have achieved their roles because of the Peter Principle.
John: Hey Bill. How are things down in accounting these days?
Bill: How do you think they are? The CFO is an idiot. He can't count to ten and like the rest of management here, spews nothing but Laxative Lingo every time he opens his mount.

John: This is terrible place to work. Thanks for reminding me.
by Enya Goode April 11, 2013
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