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Lawrence 42° 42' N 71° 10' W

the name of the home of the 1984 Riots,
Lawrence concentration of Dominicans outside of New York,

North of Boston, the center of Latin Universe in all of New England.
" Lawtown Representing "
by The Mayor of Lawtown August 28, 2006
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City located a several miles north of Boston, (Lawrence).Where everyone knows everyone, its a predominant Dominican city.Where the feens always hang out on broadway st with a pipe, along with the prostitutes. Where there a barber shop and bodega (spanish corner store) on every corner. Where ppl stand outside stores and sell bootleg movies, stolen chains, sneakers, etc.Where you cant go to a party without it being raided or shot up. where theres 5 diffrent public housing projects across the city. A very crowded city with a population of 90,000 in an area of 6 square miles. Lawtown mass.
by J-Arson February 22, 2011

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