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Lawrence University is a small liberal arts college/conservatory of music in Appleton, Wisconsin. It is known for its small classes and rigorous academics. It is a top-tier liberal arts college according to US News and World Report.
Lawrence University is a fantastic school that takes students and opens their minds to the greater world.
by LU-Connie 2014 June 11, 2011
A small liberal arts college in Appleton, Wisconsin. This school operates on a trimester and has Division 3 athletics, and kick-ass academics. Extremely underrated, as it attracts incredibly intelligent kids from all over. Almost 2/3 of the classes there are just one on one lessons with the teacher. It truly is amazing, and accepts 2/3 of applicants!
Guy 1: Where did your dad get accepted to college?
Guy 2: Cornell, Stanford, Carleton, Grinnell, and Lawrence?
Guy 1: And he chose Lawrence University?
Guy 2: Why wouldn't you?!
by Brocelona9 August 05, 2012
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