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A weird, random, funny YouTube webshow. Little known, seeing as not many people YouTube the words "lawl" and "platypus" in the same search. Two girls who know they are being lame, but don't really give a shit.
Crazy Susan: Have you seen Lawl Platypus?

Stacy: Not yet.

Crazy Susan: Well, get on that! It's LawlPlatypus@YouTube.com.
by DEARGRAVITY, March 31, 2009
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A weird yet funny youtube show on Youtube.com. Two girls make clips of random things and put it together and post it on youtube. Random things include, cats and dinosaurs.
bob: "wow did you see the latest Lawlplatypus?"
Kevin: "No was it good?"
Bob: "omg go see it at Lawlplatypus@youtube.com"
by WoodenWhale March 29, 2009
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