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The epitome of funny, cute, sweet, perfect, hot, & smart. Can get any man desired. Will never forgive and never forget. Has learned from all mistakes. Will never stab a bitch in the back because Laurtney does not tolerate bitches, she destroys them. Tis, twas, and always twill be happy.(in Hawaii).
Jessica: "My boyfriend dated Laurtney, and I know I'll never be as good as she is. It makes me depressed."

Irina: "Its true, my boyfriend did too. We'll never live up to Laurtney, we might as well kill ourselves."

Jessica: "Well, we both are backstabbing hos whom will never be as fabulous as Laurtney."

Irina: "Agreed. Where's the rope?"
by Laurtney March 17, 2009
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