Top Definition
"The dopest female on the planet."
A girl that knows how to have a good time.
unique talented
"Don't you wish you were like Lauran"?
"Doesn't everyone?"
by Lauran*Z May 16, 2008
This girl is the best kind you can have you can enjoy anything, practically with her, she is blond haired, blue-eyed, tall to the maximum, easy to find a boyfriend, and lovable, has lots of sarcasm. She is a true country girl to heart and cannot be changed has a hint of city girl and a big fun attitude but do not get on the wrong side. you will regret it because this girl can hold a grudge, and had a attitude.
"Dude, I dumped Lauran, she was so mean"
"She has a new boyfriend, and they are in love. She's not mean, she plays around with sarcasm"
"Well that's a lie"
"No it's not, do just give it up u dumped one of the best girls!"
by Notneeded November 12, 2012
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