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A medical condition in which whenever the affected person is so overcome with laughter, it renders them unable to perform various motor tasks using their hands. Such as writing or typing.
1) Person A: *tells a joke*
Person B: HAHAHAHHAHA omg I have laughy hands now and can't write!

2) "Sorry it took me so long to text you back, something funny happened and I had to wait until my laughy hands subsided."
by LaughyHands February 03, 2011
A condition where the muscles in your hands tense up due to intensive laughter. It is an inconvenience when writing or texting but it actually means you are in a state of joy.
Person 1:
*tells a hilarious joke*

Person 2:
hahah omfg now I have laughy hands!
by Cool10101 February 04, 2011
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