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One of Bugs Bunny's random pseudonyms for Daffy Duck.
Elmer Fudd: (pulls rifle trigger) Well, what do you know? No more buwwets.
Bugs: No more buwwets?
Bugs: (to Daffy) Hey, Laughing Boy, no more buwwets!
Daffy: No more buwwets? Here, let me see that thing.
(Daffy looks into shaft)
Daffy: Hmm.
(the gun fires in Daffy's face)
Elmer Fudd: Well, what do you know? One buwwet left!
by Blatherskite July 24, 2013
The jack of diamonds (in a deck of cards)
If I draw Laughing Boy, I'll fill my royal flush.
by Ashbless March 13, 2007
Another name for the Jack of Diamonds (also see: suicide king). In some variations of poker and black jack, players must chuckle everytime a Jack of Diamonds is played or drawn.
We know who has 'Laughing Boy' because he laughed to himself when he picked up his cards.
by slugkid10 February 07, 2011