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An ineffective method of birth control that does not clean the vagina out or prevent pregnancy. Similar to a rape kit but scientifically proven to be a falsehood and the most ineffective form of birth control. Also used as a sarcastic response to a factual lie or an insult to ones intelligence. A fake form of birth control that does not work.
Sarcastic: Unprotected sex? Go get a Laubenberg.
Responsive: No, we can't have sex, I don't trust my Laubenberg.
Defensive: Oops, I'm pregnant, guess my Laubenberg failed.
Insulting: Well aren't you a Laubenberg.
Stupidity: Are you a Laubenberg scholar?
by AlexMaxJewell August 19, 2013
To use something for a purpose other than what it was intended, with no possibility whatsoever of it working.
I laubenberged the fine china with the hammer to clean it, but all that happened was that the china shattered.
by Asshattitudinal August 20, 2013
A means of birth control used to clean out the vagina. Similar to a douche but not scientifically effective to prevent pregnancy.
You had unprotected sex? Just go get a Laubenberg and clean yourself out.
by Alex Max Jewell August 19, 2013
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