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(n) someone who obsesses over getting their drivers license and/or permit, and brings it up in casual conversation to the point that it becomes irritating
Buddy, we get that you can drive on your own in three weeks, no need to be a latta about it.
#driving #lata #driver #car #permit #drivers lisence #ridin dirtay
by somestudentyoudontknow March 27, 2007
Surname of a biracial couple who uses the state to legally kidnap someone's children.
Our family was so happy until we met the Latta's.
by ViciousSpungenDungeon December 27, 2015
A homo perverted freak who adds the word dick to the end of a joke and makes it not funny. He hangs out with people older than him and gets bananas thrown at him.
Kid: No, pull harder to get it open
Kid 2: That's what she said
Latta: Dick
Kid 1: No Latta, get out
#jordan #pervert #penis #homosexual #gay #faggot #fuck #dick
by Undefeatable Ownage May 14, 2008
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