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also known as Tria. Smart black girl who talk proper english. Latria is a ride or die bitch and will be the first one to say let beat a bitches ass. Latria are often quiet but can be assertive. Talks shit but can back it up. If you ever get arrested with a Latria... She will have the bail money to get herself out of jail.
Female: You heard about that fight last night

Female 2: Yeah that Latria bitch is fucking crazy who ever known a proper talking black girl like that could kick some ass.
by LilMama420! September 05, 2011
Better known as the undercover hoe. Latria are hoes with morals and doesn't care if you have a girlfriend or not. Latria is not a clingy bitch she will fuck you then leave you. Latria is freak and love to toss salad.
Latria is a undercover hoe.
by Celticgirl88 August 16, 2012
A white girl stuck in a black girls body. short and skinny, usually very funny.
Latria's faverite pop singer is Britney Spears.
by AlauraM August 23, 2008
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