When you know your fucked, outnumbered,outgunned,outflanked and out of time but you hold your ground and go for inflicting as much pain and misery and you knoeing you will pay dearly.
dude,I was in a bar with my best freind,Larry and 10 hell's angels came in and talked shit to Larry. Larry got mad and sucker punched one of then and all hell broke loose....it was our last stand.
by mando man March 10, 2007
Top Definition
The perk in COD 4 when you are shot and lay on the ground with your pistol to have a last stand at killing someone.
I had a last stand head-shot.
by TJ Shobadobadingdong March 16, 2008
A battle that is considered the final defense of what is left of a military group, against an overwhelming opposition (example: 500 defenders vs. 2000 attackers). Here, the defending force will unleash all of their strength, motivated by a fighting spirit.

Usually this results in either the annihilation of the defending force, or in rare cases, the retreat of the attacking force, depending on the circumstances (example: Out of supplies, or have received heavy casualties).

Whilst in a last stand, the defending force has an opportunity to surrender, but that could also lead to their deaths. This however is really a moral question on if they should surrender or not, because the defending force really has nowhere else to retreat to should they be defeated. Mostly, the concept of a last stand is to ultimately 'go down fighting'.
Battle of Thermopylae
Battle of the Alamo
Battle of Port Hudson
Battle of Hill 3234
Battle of Long Tan

5 examples of a last stand
by jghrgfngierjfi April 07, 2009
Military term for when you know you're fucked and have no chance of winning, but you fight anyway to keep it going as long as possible.
This is our last stand.
by Adrian December 10, 2006
A lose military term used to describe a situation in which a group of people holds a defensive position in spite of almost certain defeat. examples include the battle of thermopylae, the battle of moscow and the battle of hill 776. contrary to popular belief the battle of little big horn aka. custer's last stand is not strictly speaking a last stand as custer was attacking and was over run due to his own faulty strategies.
the battle of little big horn was not a real last stand, custer was just to arrogant to accept help.
by 322955469 November 01, 2007
An ability from the MMO World of Warcraft (WoW) that is only used by the warrior class. The Warrior must also spec into protection and must select the the talent "Last Stand" within the tree itself.

Last Stand gives the the warrior 30% of his max health for 20 seconds. As soon as the timer is up, the health gained from last stand is lost. It is a mandatory ability for any protection warrior, whether he or she decides to pvp or pve.
The Warrior was under a lot of pressure from his enemies relentless attacks. In a last ditch effort to hold the flag, the Warrior went into Last Stand, saving himself more time.
by Southpaw6071 April 13, 2011
What a noob in Black Ops calls second chance
noob - stop using last stand you noob
not a noob - it's called second chance you noob
by sammy_g January 31, 2011

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