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The Last Course is a male's expectation to receive a gratuitous blow job or hand job from his male or female partner after treating said partner to wonderful meal at a fine dining establishment. The Last Course is typically served up in the car on the ride home. Once in the car, the male unzips his pants and tenders up his stiff, rigid penis for the expected blow job or handy from his mate. It is customary, proper manners and a show of appreciation for the partner to oblige and to savor the flavor of the Last Course.
John took his new girlfriend Penny out for a lovely steak dinner at his favorite steakhouse. Upon leaving, John tendered up his rigid cock on the drive back to her apartment. Penny graciously obliged to John's engorged satisfaction and savored every drop of the meal's Last Course.
by Ivana Dickincide May 14, 2015

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