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Best shooter in the NBA history. Played in the NBA for 13 years with the Boston Celtics. He won the first ever 3 point shootout contest in the all stars weekend and repeated it 2 more times for 3 titles. One of the best Basketball players in the NBA history and won the NBA MVP award in 1984, 1985, and 1986.
Larry Bird is the best shooter ever
by Sagzag June 29, 2004
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1.Pretty much the Micheal Jordan for white boys.

2. One of the best in Players in Basketball history.
John: We don't do it like Mike, we do it like Larry.
Shawn: Niggah stop playin, Larry Bird can't beat MJ.
by RicoSwavey June 11, 2009
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He shot the basketball for our sin of rooting for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
On April 15, 1979 Larry Bird resurrected the game of basketball.
by 33sirhc January 25, 2004
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The act of jumping at most, 5 inches in the air during a basketball game.
That guy has serious skills. He can do the Larry Bird with ease.
by SploogeMaster July 21, 2012
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The object and act of taking the biggest shit of you're life. Rhymes with Turd. Also abbreviated to Larry.
DUDE #1: Hurry the fuck up man! I've got the biggest Larry Bird poking out!

TAXI DRIVER: I'm going as fast as I can! I don't need you Larry Birding my clean GypsyCab, so hold the fuck on!
by J Bodanac May 04, 2006
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