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The nigger Larry Major in Omaha is a spook that suffers from an extensive personality disorder. He has no reservations about displaying his neurotic behavior where he feels he will be unchallenged, like at work. He hates people who don't share his political beliefs and tries to pick fights with people he decides he doesn't like, and sometimes everybody. The problem is he does it at work. Any place else, I or anyone else would stomp his dirty nigger ass. Of course when challenged, he pulls the race card. He has a big mouth about anything he wants to spout off about at the spur of the moment. If you're an employer, don't hire this sick fuck. Everybody else should avoid this useless nigger.
The nigger Larry Major at WIPRO in Omaha comes from Milwaukee and was shipped to Boys Town in Omaha due to numerous behavioral issues as a child. Unfortunately he never left Omaha and continues to plague Omaha’s society with his sick bullshit. Evidentially Boys Town wasn't enough to correct his psychotic innate behavior. Omaha is currently stuck with this sick nigger
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by boy Larry Major at WIPRO December 25, 2013
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