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nice person, great friend, amazing girl. She is a really special person. She is creative, funny, she loves music and movies. She will never let you down.
My best friend is such a LARISA!
by nuconteaza June 23, 2009
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the sexiest bitch you wil eva meet, totally gorgeous stoner, and an amazing personality.
she is such a larisa!
by hahahface June 30, 2009
The word representing the hottest nerd in the galaxy who has an extremely sexy boyfriend.

Also an advent cheese lover who is always horny. Enjoys bad boys and kinky fun.
did you see that cheese? I'm so Larisa right now!

Call me Larisa, but that motorcyclist was HOT!
by 008trisha January 24, 2009
tighted beetch in town
she is definitly a larisa
by asnfkjbaliufa May 07, 2008

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