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City with the largest Hispanic:Anglo ratio. Mostly inhabited by descendants of immigrants, immigrants, etc. Has *the* most badass Border Patrol force in the US. One of the fastest growing cities second to Las Vegas, NV.
Laredo's a town in South Texas. Contrary to popular belief, it is independent of San Antonio, only 150 miles north on IH-35, which stretches from Laredo to some town in Minnesota.
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
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A place one should leave.
Raqem needs to get the hell out of Laredo
by Mario L August 18, 2003
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Ghetto-ass town nice place to leave

Worse than compton

Puros nacos incluyendo me a mi
Mother in law: so were is he from?
Wife: Laredo
Mother in law: you need a divorce

Boss: Where are you from?
Employee: Laredo
Boss: your fired

Guy1: Adonde vas?
Guy2: Laredo
Guy1: pinche naco
by Tony December 07, 2004
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God forsaken border town in S. Texas. Where progress goes to die... A city full of illiterates, that are happy to be stupid and who are not trying to get smarter. Few people speak English, including the idiots born in the U.S and who graduated from U.S schools..(Just try ordering breakfast in English). A rancid, hot garbage smell envelopes the entire town. There's no racism.. (if you are Mexican. If you are white, it's like being a black man in Selma during the marches) The only thing good about Laredo is when you leave...
Q: Excuse me sir, what is that horrible smell?

A: (Laughing) Ehhhh that's the smell of Laredo Weyyyyyyyyyy!
by Paper_Chaser June 09, 2010
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Laredo is quite boring. There's hardly anything to do besides the mall where the idiot teenagers wander around, being loud, and yelling at each other. Don't get me wrong, not everyone is stupid here, I have some of the smartest friends. And, believe me, they're difficult to find.

As for language, it's Spanglish and a lot of Spanish slang. Hardly anyone here speaks fluent Spanish. Trust me, most people here speak so stupidly it's just ridiculous.
But, hey, at least some people are fluent in English.

As for weather, it's really hot during the summer, temperatures even reach up to 110s. During the winter it's usually 50s and maybe even 30s sometimes. And, the chance of it snowing is rare, every thirty years rare.

It's also growing very fast; I see a new neighborhood being made every now and then.

People here make a birthday party every year for their child, what an excellent way to not spoil them!

And, Laredo is quite peaceful, it's NUEVO Laredo that's fucked up right now.

This place is also ghetto as hell where people listen to stupid music that makes no sense, such as Reggaeton.
Laredo is hot, not so smart, but not so dumb, peaceful, boring, and the Language is very unique. Just make sure you have an a/c.
by Forgeltz December 03, 2010
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Border town in south Texas with a population of 200,000 and a small minority of illegal immigrants; city is overwhelmingly made up of Hispanics (95% approx.) -- it's fine if you don't live in the shitty parts. Still a historical place, and one of the oldest cities in Texas. Only real way to make good money is the oil industry or import/export.
Raqem should shut the hell up about Laredo.
by Victor February 03, 2004
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When Laredo freezes over.
by bobterwill August 21, 2003
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