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The act of taking a massive shit while using your laptop to entertain yourself from anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. An LTP is essentially multi-tasking. You can do some online shopping, look at porn, or just creep on young high school girls on facebook all at the push of a button while letting beershits explode from your rectum.

*Constipated LTP'ers may need to bring their charger and find an outlet near by.
Mazzo: "Hey Nick Costa! What are you doing over there?"
Nick: "I'm taking a Laptop Poop you retarded yellow-teethed pedophile"
by Shitter3000 January 14, 2011
The act of sitting on the toilet to empty your bowels, while using a laptop.
Screen name 1: dude what are you up to right now?
Screen name 2: taking a laptop poop
Screen name 1: really? me too lmao
by Laptop pooper February 11, 2010