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Strong Bad's trusty computer.
"Scroll button and the lappy together at last, How you ever learn to skrippy-scroll so fast?"-Strong Bad
by Losti March 21, 2005
111 43
Short for laptop.
Usually used if the laptop is insanely cute and sexy.
I just love my new lappy.
by Camradal November 30, 2003
321 105
Another popular name for the laptop.
Hold on; lemme get my lappy and then I can show you that email.
by J.Lup. January 15, 2011
15 8
Short for Lapdance
As in: She gave me a lappy..,
she gave me the sweetest lappy eveeer..
by Quints January 23, 2010
27 21
Short for laptop computer, especially old and outdated models.
What's your lappy weigh, like 42 pounds?

How many pictures of Parker Posey can you fit on your Lappy's 2 mb hard drive?

I bet I can hold my breath longer than your lappy's 5 minute battery life.

Your lappy looks like it's packing about 512k of RAM -- or am I a bit high?

Nice plastic rectangle -- erm, I mean, lappy.

My lappy 486 is the love of my life!
by Josh December 01, 2004
76 70
(noun) a shortened version of the word 'laptop', or 'laptop computer'.
Come take a look at my lappy!

Your lappy is overheating.

I just got a brand new lappy muthafuckaaa!
by laaaaaaaaaaaaaal August 15, 2009
18 13
when a person does something of consumate ease but manages to mess it up, that is lappies
Bramwell Barnes misses a goal infront of open post twice... he is LAPPIES!!
by fakespear December 06, 2013
0 0