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A Girl That Love Her Husband That Is Afarid To Lose Him , He's Every She Ever Dreamed Of . She Loves Spending Time With Him . He Seems To Make Her Feel Protected . They Start As A Couple Who People Didn't Think They'd Make It But They're The Last Ones Standing . They Both Love Cucmber & Lime Gatorade . & She's Willing To Do Anything For That Guy Even Take A Bullet . She's The Missing Piece To The Puzzle . She's The One That Knows What's Wrong With Him Before Anyone Ever Did . She He's Soulmate . Her Birthday Is August 23 . & He's Is Febuary 23 . They Have Cute Random Things In Common . 041212 <3
Lanme, She A Keeper
by Idkklkkkkkk August 19, 2013
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