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-The deepest pit of hell
-Filled with assholes and gangster wannabies, with a few sluts sprinkeled in for good measure
-The teachers are either awesome or they suck
-If you can't pretend you're rich, you will be shunned by people who can
-some douche spread poop on the walls in the boys bathroom spring 2011 and now the administration thinks all boys are troublemakers
-A grouping for all the posers in northern VA, with some poor sorry bastards thrown in against their will
Mom: "Hey, honey how was school?"
Student: "Same old, same old."
Mom: "OH NO! It was THAT BAD?"
Lanier Middle School
by The_Messanger_Of_Darkness August 09, 2011
A horrible place with mainly hispanics that the government calls a "School". If you want to meet wannabe Latinos and Hispanics, you either go here or to Taco Bell.
The structure of the building slightly resembles a juvenile detention facility
"Where do you go to school?"
"Lanier Middle School."
"oh my god and you're not mentally damaged?!"
by raybies May 26, 2013
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