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Internal slang for CIA headquarters. Which are located at Langley Virginia.
D'oh! Bad intel again, get me Langley will you Monica.
by Puppylover79 December 11, 2008
Langley, BC is pretty damn awesome. There are clubs, coffee shops, gorgeous girls, malls for the girls, and so much more... And Girls, there are quite a few gorgeous guys there aswell. Oh, And you can pretty much get anywhere by either walking or taking the bus. It's cool like that. Just don't go near the center of town in a car durring rush hour. You are warned.
"Everyone, let's go to Endo."
-"Where's that?"
"In Langley"
-"Sure man. Sounds like a blast!"
by Sarahbobarah August 12, 2006
THE BEST DAMN PLACE IN THE FRICKING WORLD!!!..... IS LANGLEY, BC!!!! no joke. awesome people, awesome places..

well... not so awesome places but increasing the awesomeness everyday...... great schools too ;) i mean what do i have to do to make you believe Langley is the best, run around naked with a a gigantic gorilla strapped to my bum with giant flags saying.... Langley is the best and as for all the rest you can screw off.. . jk
by Alex April 06, 2011
A small town comprised of old people, hippes, and old hippies. Rumored to be the best place on Whidbey Island to get pot. Well known for horses and farmer's markets. Lacking in racial diversity.
A) Wanna toke it up in Langley?
B) I would but i'm black and I might get lynched by jocks.
A) Good point.
by the real anti July 10, 2008
The name commonly given to young Caucasian males who enjoy raping, mutilating, and killing women after engaging in sexual intercourse with said named women. After, Langley often enjoys skinning the female and wearing her skin around. He wears the skin while eating her dead corpse too.
Brian: Where the hell is Langley at?

Devin: He's probably getting laid....ummm.....well raping a girl then cutting her arms and legs off before he wears her skin around town trying to pick little boys up outside of the local schools.

Brian: Oh okay.
by POG Canuck August 10, 2010
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