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The 'Langley Effect' (named after Langley BC, a frustratingly bland city/township) is the universal feeling that develops inside the mind of young adults at around ages 16-18 where the individual in question has a distinct urge to leave the town where they grew up in. Since it's inception at the start of known human history, the Langley Effect has drained many small towns of their young graduating population as they move on to cities and towns that simply aren't nearly as boring as the ones they originated from (for example, Langley BC.)
Known more colloquially as the "I've gotta get the fuck outta' this town" effect.
-"I'm so tired of this place. Once I graduate, I'm moving as far away as humanly possible."
-"Sounds like someone's feeling the Langley Effect."
by your illegitimate son April 12, 2011
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