a beautiful girl with a lot of friends an intellgent mind and she is easily amused and is VERY funny she is caring and will always make u feel better!
lane:r u alright
none1: now i am thanks a lot lane!!
by lizzie March 15, 2005
Top Definition
one hot ass motherfucker.
she's going to fuck Lane.
by aeslehc April 26, 2005
Named after Lane Frost the bull rider. This tall,down right sexy big grined blue eyed Lane is a BIG Country boy. Mudding, Fishing, Camping, Working on his truck and hanging with his buddies.

Lane is Sweet, Caring, Outgoing,so much fun to be around and Hard Worker. We are having a bad day a Lane can put a smile on your face.

But watch out!! Lane can be a BIG TIME Smart Ass. Bull Headed, Opinionated and Hard to please. He is strong and loves to work out. Keeps his feelings in, but shows the girl he loves all the love possible.

Lane is a flirt but a gentleman. Romantic and soft hearted. Easily angered. Protective of those he loves.

If you have a Lane..DON'T LET HIM GO!

Lane is a keeper. Soul-Mate. Someones lover. Sweet talker and smile.
I am in love with Lane.

Lane working on his F-150 so that its ready for his birthday.

Lane Loves his girlfriend.
by TSR loves LAV May 05, 2011
God. The mighty ruler that will kill you all.
Lane is better than you are.
by Kei April 01, 2005
an amazing, sweet, handsome, loving guy.
by kiafbineigqm December 04, 2012
an angry lesbian
My R.D.

"excuse me, there is no reason for your voice to be so loud at this time of night"
"...excuse me, there is no reason for you to be such a lane"
by bedroom tigger January 24, 2009
1. A narrow road or way.

2. A lesser, common, American last name.

3. A common, Western European, female first name.

4. A misspelling of the common, American, female first name from the actual spellings Layne, Layn, and Lain.

5. Short version of the Female, Western European names, Delaney and Laney.

6. A European male name.

A: "That is one creepy road!"

B: "It is too small to be a road, that is a lane!"


A: "Wow did you see Brenden Lane?"

B: "Yah! He and his sister Amy Lane are so tall!"


A: "Lane sure is a sweetie!"

B: "Who is he?"

A: "Although Lane is a multi gender name, this Lane is a female."


A: "Would you like to see the list of people coming to my birthday party?"

B: "Sure! You spelt Lain wrong though, it is with an 'I' not an 'E'. You spelt it how the dictionary does and many other do- Lane!"


A: "Hurry up Lane!"

B: "But my name is Laney!"

A: "Come on, Lane is a nick name! Short for Laney."


A: "Wow Lane sure is hot!"

B: "You think that way about girls? Why didn't you tell me!"

A: "No silly, this Lane is a male!"
by DeanieMcLeanie May 09, 2009
A large breed of hedgehog found only in Pacific Northwest forests. Named because a low cry of "laaaane!" will result in the lane running towards the source of the cry, expecting barbecue.

To avoid incident, do not carry coffee, music, or anything remotely resembling barbecue with you while hiking.
I was walking through the forest with some sausage, and a lane fell screaming onto my head.
by TheBandGeek September 28, 2013
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